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A photo book with nearly 300 images of six unconventional schools

What does it look like when school happens outside in a forest, at a soldering bench, or in a pig shed? When school leaders make a curriculum that follows the way a child thinks and grows, not the other way around? When class means building a roller coaster, robotics, or a biodiesel motorbike? What do we see when school truly engages kids, all the while really helping them develop the skills they need in life? This book is here to show you that none of the above is just a daydream: it's happening right now at schools around the world.

Response to the book


It's an amazing book, it's ground-breaking. I've never seen a book like it. 

Kylie @ HowWeMontessori

The Netherlands based 'Monsterkamer' (the sampling room), an initiative helping authors and publisher pick the right paper, showcases Let's Do This 



Green School, Bali • High Tech High, San Diego • Casa Bilingual Montessori, The Netherlands • Resen Forest School, Denmark • Vesala Comprehensive School, Finland • Analy High School, California

Touching subjects like; Maker Movement, Nature Schools, Engaging Education, Project Based Learning, Interdisciplinary Learning